Friday, May 2, 2014

Cinco de Mayo - San Antonio and Guacamole

San Antonio + Cinco de Mayo=Way too much fun!

Years ago we traveled to San Antonio, Texas for a conference that happened to be over Cinco de Mayo.
We had such fun particpating in the celebration!
If you don't know San Antonio, it is a great place to visit.
 San Antonio has a beautiful River Walk filled with boutique hotels, shops, restaurants and music.

We stayed at the Omni La Mansion del Rio and it was gorgeous!  The location is perfect because it is right 
along the River Walk which makes it walking distance to all the sites.  But, one of my favorite places was Historic Market, otherwise knows as El Mercado, which was a short walk away from the River Walk.

This plaza is set up like a market in Mexico with brightly colored flags, stores, restaurants and music.  It is a very lively place, especially during Cinco de Mayo. 
Tucked into the market is Mi Tierra Cafe, an authentic Mexican cafe and bakery.  
I wish I had a picture of the panes dulces (sweetbreads) they were serving!  I could go on and on.  They even have a strolling mariachi band.  Does that say Mexico or what?

So in honor of Cinco de Mayo, I am sharing my famous guacamole because everywhere we went in San Antonio there was guacamole...the really,really fresh kind.  And you too can create it at home.

Start with some fresh avocado.

Slice each avocado in half.

Score the avocado and scoop the "meat" out into a bowl.  Chop the avocado according to the texture you like. (Chop more if you like a smoother texture or less if you like it chunky.)

Now get ready for the hard part!
Add 1 tsp salt per whole avocado used.  Then add a total of 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice.  Blend and taste test to make sure the salt amount is just right.
That's it!
I don't like to add a lot of other ingredients so that I can just enjoy the natural avocado flavor.

Oh wait, I forgot...Chips...lots and lots of tortilla chips!

So simple, yet so good.
You may not be traveling to San Antonio to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but for sure you can celebrate at home by starting with guacamole.

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!

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