Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Blogher Food 2014 Miami Favs

So, I am finally getting myself back into routine and can look back on all things Blogher Food 2014.

Not only was I going, but I went and it was sooo much fun!

This is the view I woke up to every morning in Miami...


And the view when I went to sleep...

The staff at Hilton Miami Downtown was wonderful!
Of course, I forgot things and they quickly came to my aid.

Here's what happens at these kind of blogger gatherings...eating, networking, eating, making new blogging friends, eating, receiving tons of swag, information building and did I mention eating?  So much delicious and fun food from the bottle of wine given out by Aldi, as you first arrived at the conference, to the receptions...a foodie heaven!

The swag was FABULOUS!
And I know you are dying to know...it all fit in my carry-on suitcase squished in with my clothes, including the cast iron skillet that isn't in the pic.  Couldn't leave any of those goodies behind.  Although, the "friendly" TSA agent took away my corkscrew.  :( Apparently that is an unacceptable carry-on item.  Who knew?

Here are some of my favorite swag items.

Oh my, these are so good! Brownie Brittle is out of West Palm Beach.  If you are someone who loves the the crunchy edges of brownies (me) then you will love this snack treat.  The crunchy chocolate flavoring will totally satisfy your sweet tooth without all the saturated fat! Brownie Brittle comes in many flavors, but I have to say my favorite is the chocolate chip.  YUM!

Kings Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, a personal favorite!  Not only do they come in roll form, but also in slices.  I LOVE using the slices for making my Hawaiian French Toast with toasted coconut and coconut syrup. Go Pupule with Kings Hawaiian, they have that sweet, tropical taste that is perfect for summer or anytime you want that Hawaiian vibe!

And the food...BAILEYS® Coffee Creamer had iced coffee CONSTANTLY to keep you going and all these delicious little treats!  They were little so I figured I could have many to equal 1 big one.  I think that works, don't you?  Make sure to check out BAILEYS® Coffee Creamer for lots of recipe ideas.  I know I will be.

See what I mean about the food?  Lots of it!!!  Presentation...awesome!  I have to admit, I started at the dessert table one evening.  No one was watching...?  Again, little sizes so lots were aok.

But the best part of the blogging conference was meeting new blogging friends that are so willing to share blogging tips and tricks.
I so enjoyed hanging out and talking with Angie of Mother's Apron Strings who has a blog with tons of easy to make recipes.  She is a mother of 5, easy is her key in the kitchen!  I also met Jacque of
Cooking with Jacque.  She has wonderful ideas using microgreens that I can't wait to try!  Lisa of
Cook Eat Paleo creates simple recipes for gluten-free, grain free living.  Her photography is phenomenal and she had some great photography tips to share.  I also met Taylor of Food Faith Fitness.  She is adorable and has wonderful ideas for nourshing your mind, body and soul.  Make sure to check these ladies out!

What's the take away?  Inspiration to keep going, new friends, great products, lots of
information, recipe ideas and FUN.  Be watching for new things on the blog!!!
  I can't wait to do it all again.
Blogher Food 2015 in Portland, Oregon...HERE I COME!

Stop back tomorrow for the flavors and neighborhoods of Miami and later in the week I will share the BEST part of the conference.  You wouldn't want to miss that!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet,


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