Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Pizza Garden


Boy have we had some rain during the last week of April and first part of May!
My heart goes out to those that experienced much more than April showers...those that suffered such devastation from the April outbreak of tornadoes.  Let's hope that we leave the storms behind and move on to beautiful May flowers...

Along with May flowers, it is also time to really start to get your garden organized in the Midwest.  The chives are up and you can already bring some of them to your table.  Check out an earlier post on Garden to Table-Early Finds for some great ideas on how to use chives in some recipes.

So, what else can you plant in your garden that is easy to grow?  Well, when I first moved here, I couldn't wait to start a garden and I still like to experiment in the garden.  One of those ideas was to have a pizza garden!  All of your favorite toppings right in your own backyard.

Some of the easiest plants are the spices!  Your pizza needs fresh spices, so here is what I recommend to plant in your pizza garden.



Now for some favorite pizza toppings!


Green Pepper
Having a garden is a really wonderful experience for the kiddos.  What a great teaching opportunity and fun too!  Besides, your whole family gets to reap the rewards!  Make it into a pizza garden with these easy to grow plants and I think you will have the kiddos hooked!  You won't want veggies from the grocery store anymore.  You can start with seeds sowed directly in the ground or get small plants at the gardening center. Try several varieties for lots of interesting flavors.  Now you have all the fixings for your own pizza.

Give a garden a try this summer.  I won't lie...there is some work to getting it going, but it is sooo worth it.  It can be a fun, family project!

Now if I only had a cow and could make my own cheese....hmmmm.  Crazy?

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!


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