Sunday, March 30, 2014

What to Plant? Pre-Garden Planning

Cue Andy Williams...
"It's the most wonderful time of the year!"

No, it's not Christmas!

No, not Mother's Day...although that should be at least a month long event!!!  :)

The MOST WONDERFUL time of the year is the day our local gardening center opens!!!!

Hey, when you live in the Midwest, there are just certain things to look forward to that mark the coming of Spring...especially after this winter...the Worst EVER!

Even though the gardening center is not packed to the gills with new is just a must...a kind of reassurance that even the professionals believe that we aren't stuck in a non-ending Arctic world!  So, every year, regardless of the weather, I make the pilgrimage.

Here's what I saw...

Beautiful flowers!!!

Oh my!  The color!

Most of the center looks brown, but one day soon...I expect green!!!

Even if it is too early to plant in your area, there are still some things to do to be garden ready when Spring finally arrives.  Here are a couple of ideas I like to do before I get out and get dirt under my nails.

One of the first things I do is to begin plotting out my garden.  Where do I want to put the plants so that I rotate the area from the previous year.  What works well with what, etc.  No longer do I need to draw it out!  Nope, time to get techie!!!

This is an awesome, free app by Burpee.  It alerts you when to sow and when to harvest, specifically according to your region's current weather.  Is that cool or what?

Now would also be the time to pick out your seed packets.  Whether you go heirloom, organic or whatever strikes your fancy based on the picture...start to gather the packets from your gardening or home improvement center.  I like to use some young plants as well as seeds so that I have a staggering of harvesting times.  But, way too early for any young plants so I will just hoard some seed packets!

If you really want to be a hip gardener, check out Garden Media Group for the latest garden trends
for  2014.  Apparently, composting will be BIG this year!  It's the new recycling trend.  There will be a continued focus on super foods as well.  "Fermentation gardens are the new chickens."  Gardeners are using their home grown super foods for smoothies, cocktails and evening brewing purposes!  Real trendsetters are growing hops for beer and planting grapes for home-made wine.  I think I really need to look into that!  There are many other ideas too, so make sure to click on the link.  This year also includes a focus on the declining bee population and lots of ways to "bee" friendly to this insect.  Lots of ideas as to what to plant to attract the bees!

I can't wait!
I have seed catalogs all over the kitchen table and have been using my new garden app!
Hope you are inspired to not only get ready for Spring, but the most wonderful time of the season!


If you aren't yet a gardener, this may be the season to start.  Just start slowly with a couple of plants and each year add another plant or two.  It's great therapy and not only healthy for you, but the environment too.

Start your pre-planning today and celebrate the little things that make life sweet!


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