Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Has Sprung?

Spring has Sprung!
Well, somewhere it has...still waiting here, but in the meatime the insides of my house will say Spring!

Time for some cute Spring projects.

A fun, free Spring printable from Lil Luna.  I may not having anything as coloful outside, but looking at these pretty flowers will remind me of what is yet to come!  It is coming, right?  Right now we are still in shades of browns.... :(  Just click on over to the link for a couple of color varities, print it out and add a frame.

I love this wreath from Taylor Made by Taylor Bee!  She took a basic grapevine wreath, some pretty spring, silk hydrangeas and hot glued them off to the side.  Then she added a color coordinated wooden initial.  Seasonal simplicity!  I love it!  Your door will never look prettier.  It will help wash away those winter browns and usher in the color!

Look at how pretty this is!  Maybe you can eat outside this time of year.  I could if I wore coats and boots, so probably not doing that yet.  But whether you are dining outside or inside, you can bring on Spring with these pretty tin cans.  Start saving some cans from your cooking, rinse them out and paint them in pretty pastel colors.  All you need are some flowers and your table will look so much like Spring.  Country Living  reuses coffee and soup cans; then paints them with Benjamin Moore sample jars.  I am so gonna do this!

Well, if Spring hasn't quite sprung in your area...bring it on with some of these pretty Spring inspirations.

They will provide a lift to your spirits and add color to your home!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!


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