Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pinch Proof

Time to get
Are you wondering what exactly I am talking about?
Well, St. Patrick's Day is approaching quickly and you better be prepared because if you ain't wearing may be pinched.  Irish or not...I am talking to you!  I am just putting it out there being concerned for your safety and all!  Everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day, right?

St. Patrick's Day is pretty big in our hubby would like to think it is as big as Thanksgiving and Christmas (not) but, we do participate in all the wearing of the green fun!  I have even been known to have cooked corned beef and colcannon potatoes.  Of course, my Irish rooted husband loved it...the rest of the fam, not so much.  So, we get into all the other St. Patrick's Day fun and it is time to get pinch proofed.

Here are the top 5 things you need to do:
1. Wear something green (it must be visible, green underwear does not count)
2.  Drink something green like a shamrock shake, gatorade, etc.
3. Eat something green like a lime green cookies, green jello, peas, you get the idea
4.  Make sure you tell anyone and everyone, "Top of the Morning"
5.  Put up some green decor in your home, to prevent the pinching leprechaun from entering

So with all that in mind, I created a pinch proof care package that you can get inspiration from.  Send to your favorite college student or another loved one far away.  Here's what I was thinking...

Some green packaged fruit bars, green shamrocks for decoration, some winter"green" mints, pinch proof nail polish and some Irish Spring never know what lurks in the bathroom!  Just some green pinch proof fun!

Get your green on!  Pinch Proof you and your family!

Celebrate the little things like some good old St. Patrick's Day silly fun that makes life sweet!


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