Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy President's Day-Honoring our First Prez

Happy President's Day!
In honor of President's Day, I thought I would pay homage to our first president and his cherry chopping escapades.  The whole cherry chopping thing is a legend, but it seems to be forever attached to Washington's history.  Even the wooden teeth were a myth.  His dentures were not made of wood, but probably out of ivory.  I your Washington bubble image has just burst!

So he didn't chop down a cherry's just a legend, but it doesn't need to slow you down from honoring him with some fun cherry inspired recipes because HOLIDAYS = FOOD!

This is a 30 minute cookie that makes 3 dozen!  You bake them like a cookie bar.  Just mix, bake and slice. Made with maraschino cherries and chocolate chips...they just melt in your mouth.  Be sure to click the link for the detailed recipe.

Yummy!  This will help you shake off the winter blues (it's snowing again!!!) and celebrate President's Day! Grab a straw and even a spoon before you click to the link.  You want to be ready because this milkshake will be so, so tasty.

I think Mr. Washington would be proud!  I be Martha would be too!
A couple of cherry inspired recipes to help you celebrate the day and the little things that make life sweet!


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