Saturday, January 18, 2014

Beat the Winter Blues with a No Sew Project

So we finally had a string of days where I almost didn't need a coat...well not exactly, but after having subzero temperatures, freezing feels pretty dang good!  There were a few days where I could almost go the speed limit, no ice or snow to slow me down!  There were even a few days where I didn't slide down the driveway to get the mail...a few days.  But it (it being winter) is BACK!  I know, it's only January but accumulating snow every third day and subzero temps...again?  Sometimes winter just sets in and I need a project to keep me occupied.  Something to beat the winter blues.  How about you?  Maybe you are one of those people who actually spends time outdoors?  Me?  I am more bear like and only go out when absolutely necessary.  I guess I like to hibernate.  So when I found this project by one of my favorite bloggers, The Stone Gable Blog, I knew it was for me!

I love it because no needle or thread needed!

Here's what you do need:
 white buttons in random sizes and "whiteness"
pillow cover
hot glue gun
pillow insert

You can check out The Stone Gable Blog for a detailed explanation of how to create this pillow.  Basically you need a white pillow cover and pillow insert.  If you are really good, you could probably start with a white pillow that is already set up.  You will be creating your snowflake design in pencil on the front of the pillow.  Find the center of your pillow and draw and  X to fill most of the space.  Then add "spokes" for the snowflake, about 8 total spokes.  You may already have many white buttons hanging around, so just add some more from the fabric store.  Variety is key!  You will hot glue the buttons onto the "spokes" of your snowflake.  Each button on the "spoke line" should touch.  Intermix sizes and whiteness to evenly distribute the buttons.  You may want to lay out your buttons in the design before you hot glue them.  Use the picture above to help you create the design.  Remember, no snowflake is alike!  So create whatever design you want!

I love it when no sewing is involved and such a cute product is made!  It is also awesome when you can put your own spin on a design!

If winter is getting you down, find a nice project to keep you occupied...especially one that is indoors!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!


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