Tuesday, October 1, 2013

'Orange' You Glad It's October Care Package

Time for October's Care Package!

I'm not sure who gets more excited?  Me, getting all the goodies together or my daughter receiving the package in the mail.  I guess it is a win, win for both!

This month's care package theme is orange to go along with, 'Orange' You Glad it's October.  So everything I chose is orange and goes along with October type events like fall and Halloween.

October Care Package
My budget for care packages is around $12.  Shipping is always kind of costly, so I try to keep the goodies in budget and have made the dollar store my friend!  This time I did go slightly over by $1-$2.  But, it was all perfect for the orange theme, so I'll have to spend less next month.  :)  So to go with the orange theme, I have included a snack bag size Cheetos, a snack size bag of Cheddar Cheese Flavor Popped snackers, a bag of candy corn, a bag of energy nut mix, a pack of orange creamcicle gum, orange nail polish and a couple of fun Halloween decorations (a glittery wooden pumpkin and a glittery, spooky door decoration)  I also included a fun fall subway printable to hang on her bulletin board.  Here's how you can get it.

Make sure to check out www.hopscotchstudiosdesigns.blogspot.com for quite a few fun printables.

I put all the items in an orange bag and glued a simple sign on the outside of the bag, saying, " 'Orange' You Glad It's October"
A fun package should be arriving in Iowa any day now!

'Orange' you glad it's October?

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!


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