Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Boo! Get Your Scary On!


With Halloween just around the corner, it's time to get your scary on!

I love to watch scary movies, but my scary movie buddy is away at college, so I am not sure I am brave enough to watch by myself.  I love to scream during the scarier moments, much to my husband's dismay...he thinks the neighbors will think something is wrong, so I guess I need to close the windows during the movie?  
My husband hates those kinds of movies; says they are so predictable.  Blah, blah, blah!  Really, I think he is just a 'fraidy cat!  He was one of those kids who was afraid of the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz.  I too was afraid of things like the abominable snowman in Rudolph, but I grew out of it!  Ha Ha!  Even though I know it's coming and I question why the lead character feels compelled to enter the darkened, spooky basement because of the noise...I still get scared, but in a fun way!  Now, I do have my limits!  Anything with heads spinning around is WAY TOO SCARY for me!  Scary clowns, Freddy Krueger under the bed or Jason chasing a character down the street and I'll bring the popcorn!  I may not sleep for a week, but all in good fun!

That leads me to my next idea...the scariest, most horrific Halloween decoration ever!

I mean EVER!!!
(3 explanation points must mean really scary!!!)

Boo Halloween Decoration
You can open your eyes in case you were too scared to look!
Isn't he cute?

I made this years ago when my children had just out grown some toddler clothes.  Now, Boo, as we lovingly refer to her, is a family heirloom.  Both girls think I need to clarify who gets her in my will!  So, I am thinking I should share how easy she or he is to make.

Used child size blue jeans, well-worn looks best
Used child size tennis shoes, distressed
1 yard white fabric
Black felt
Wood scraps for frame
Large Styrofoam ball
Any other embellishments to personalize your trick or treater

Step-by-Step Instructions to Make a Decorative Halloween Ghost Trick-or-Treater
1. Assemble the bottom portion of the frame using wood scraps. You'll need 2 equal length pieces for the legs and a short piece to attach them together on top (think upside down u-shaped). Make to your desired size, making sure it will fit the jeans.
2. Nail shoes into the wood stand.
3. Dress bottom portion of frame with jeans. Be sure to nail the waistband of the jeans to the connecting piece of wood so that the jeans do not sag.
4. Assemble the top portion of the frame using 1 piece of wood for the torso and the Styrofoam ball for the head.
5. Attach the upper frame to the bottom frame with the nails and hammer.
6. Push the Styrofoam ball onto the top end of the upper frame. You may choose to add glue for extra security.
8. Hem your white fabric, if desired. You can leave the edges more ragged for a ghostly look.
9. Cut two eyes from the black felt.
10. Glue the eyes to the white fabric.
11. Drape the white fabric over the Styrofoam ball and upper frame.

Basically, you are creating a frame to decorate with clothes.  Think scarecrow like, only miniature to fit the clothing you have chosen.

Here is our little Boo inside the house.  She mysteriously moves from location to location!  Just adds to the scary fun!

So next time you think about watching a scary movie...I want you to take a quiz at www.youthink.com
It will ask you a series of 6 questions that tell you which part you would play in a horror movie.
Like, you receive a phone call from a haunting voice threatening to kill you, what do you do?
-laugh and assume it's a prank
-stay on the line, unsure of the outcome but too afraid to hang up
-you know who it is and run off to warn others
-cry and question everything the voice says
Hmmm...my result said I would be the lead victim and get away MOST of the time and may even make it to a sequel!  Wow!  Who knew?

Get your scary on with spooky movies or the milder "Boo" decoration!

Celebrate the little, scary things that can make life sweet!

Until next time,


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