Sunday, July 21, 2013

County Fair

Growing up in South Florida, we spent a lot of time at the beach.  To me, county fairs were more about carnival rides then 4-H competitions.  My first date with my future hubby was to a county fair.  I even treated him because I had free tickets!  Lots of thrilling rides were ridden, yet,  the night did not end well.  Let's just say that spinning rides and smell of funnel cakes did not mix for me!  Who knew he would marry me many years later.  Anyway, I in the Midwest, I have become obsessed with farm life.  One day my dream is to milk a cow!  Haven't gotten that one checked off my bucket list yet.  I can still get to a farm even though I live just outside a huge city.  Going to the fair has become a summer must for my family.  AND, the smell of funnel cakes no longer scare me.  I absolutely love the animals.  Here are a few of my new friends.

The sweetest sheep!  He is in need of a haircut.

This little guy looks pretty fierce.  I bet he'd get you up nice and early in the morning!

Yes!  I hear ya!  (She is saying let me out of here!)

Always "wondered" what you would find in the World of Wonders?

Check out a county or state farm in your area and make some new friends too!

Enjoy the simple things that make life sweet!

Until next time,


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