Monday, July 29, 2013

Celebrating the Little Things That Make Life Sweet

I have always been fascinated with butterflies!  The whole change from a caterpillar to the chrysalis stage and then on to a butterfly is just AMAZING!  There are so many books and crafts for kids about the process, but the best part is seeing those beautiful creatures flitting through your yard!  Butterfly watchers have said that the butterfly population was down this year.  I was so disappointed to hear that, being such a big fan of the butterfly.  I have a butterfly bush in my yard to attract those creatures and wondered why I hadn't had any winged visitors.
 BUT, just this morning, one arrived and I was lucky enough to catch him with my camera.
What can I say?  Just beautiful!
So if you want some butterflies to flit by, plant a butterfly bush.  They will stop by for a few seconds to grab some nectar.  You might even get a hummingbird to check it out, which is really exciting.  I love watching butterfly tongues (I am sure their is a more official name to that butterfly body part) drinking in the nectar.  If you see one, take a minute to watch before they fly off on another butterfly adventure.  It takes just a second to stop and celebrate the little things that make life sweet!
Happy Butterfly Watching!

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